Artist Ellis Wilson

"Funeral Procession" by Ellis Wilson  (1950, Oil on Composite Board)

His work can be found in the Smithsonian’s National Gallery of Art, The White House and his painting Funeral Procession was featured in the American television NBC sitcom The Cosby Show. Ellis Wilson was an Mayfield, Kentucky native artist born on April 20, 1899. 

Wilson attended Kentucky State College, the Chicago Art Institutewas, was apart of the Harlem Artists Guild, worked in an aircraft engine factory and was commissioned to create triptychs for US Army and Navy chaplains. Most of all he was an exceptional artist who had been awarded fellowships and had won many awards for his works. 

Many of us artist take many titles an professions like Artist Ellis Wilson but not every one embraces his or her own artistic abilities like Artist Ellis Wilson. Ellis Wilson's painting 'Funeral Procession' was featured in the American television NBC sitcom The Cosby Show., in Season 2, 'The Auction'. 

Discover Ellis Wilson's story and collect a timeless print of Ellis Wilson's works of art. 

Peasant's Resting, c.1945

-Laura B. 
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Happy World Book Day

Since today is World Book Day ...it would only be appropriate to share how much you love reading books! You love to read.  Face it you know you do.  I know you do cause you are reading now! With so many coices it is hard to choose a book. So if you are  having trouble finding a book that interest you try the page 99 test. If the 99 page test did not work than maybe these banned books are what you are looking for. But in the meantime check out 50 of the most influential books of the last 50 years.  Now is the time to get your nose onto a book...Happy World Book Day!

-Laura B. 
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JayZ's 99 Problems

Problem #85 "Sleeping Next To Mona Lisa" by Ali Graham
See all the problems and get Prints at WerdPlai.com
   Today is the anniversary of "99 Problems" released by Jay-Z in 2004 from The Black Album.  "99 Problems" reached number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2004. Even though what Jay-Z raps about is serious and controversial  Artist Ali Graham (in illustration and art) has humorously described all of the possible problems.  Ali provides illustrations of all 99 problems he humorously believes Jay-z has problems of or with.

  Little did I know...the whole time this song was inspired by a chorus hook from the Ice-T single "99 Problems" in the Album Home Invasion which was released on March 23, 1993. I did not even catch this article about Jay-Z explaining in Rolling Stone how Chris Rock and Ice-T inspired Jay-Z.

As for my critique...I can say that I appreciate the creativity in the deliverance of Jay-z's message.  I can appreciate the Mix of of guitar riffs(like in the "The Big Beat" by Billy Squier), drum beats (like Run–D.M.C. on "Here We Go") rap verses and chorus (inspired by Ice-T's "99 Problems" from his 1993 album Home Invasion).  He expresses a free common issues as being a emerging and successful rapper and business man within the entertainment industry.

He justifies his choice in subjects in his rap verses ( money, cash and h*es)  by blaming it on his unfortunate upbringing.  He admits he has many issues but due to his improved lifestyle he  has more issues!

The narrative of him being stopped by the cop is something that is controversial but captivating.  The subject matter of his rap verses are of serious matter but how he delivers his message is what I find potent and art in it self.

"99 Problems" is the third single released by American rapper Jay-Z 

-Laura B. 
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7 Ways to Celebrate World Art Day

Yes! World Art Day is an real holiday recognized internationally! The International Association of Art (IAA) created it just for you to celebration the fine arts ...and to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide of course!  

World Art day Celebration started on April 15, 2012... and you have missed too much ... and have been forgetting to party on Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday.

You should be 100% excited for a day such as this.  It gives you a reason to celebrate art all day long and I will help you do so... Here are 10 ways you can celebrated the most creative holiday...

1. Capture The Human Experience with your camera. Learn how others have captured the human experience through photography at Distractify.

Photo by Alex Elle

2. Start a Good 30 Day Challenge, Art EveryDay 30-day challenge!

3.  Express your social activism through the arts like artist/activist Rick Lowe!

Courtesy of http://creativetimereports.org/Art by Rick Lowe 

4. Check out hundreds of street art by Sao Paulo brought to you by the Google Art Project!

Art By Sao Paulo/ Courtesy of http://www.fatcap.com

5. Transform lives through art though Life Start and read/watch as Truth Atlas explains how it is all done.

Image from "Radiant Child" a Jean-Michel Basquiat Documentary

7. Learn how to bake a A Mondrian Modern Art Dessert In Your Oven from Hedi Glen on NPR. Download beautiful Modern art desert recipes brought to you by Caitlin Freeman.

-Laura B.
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FIne Art America


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