Sugar Plum Travel Advice

  Since everyone is going on vacation I figure my the character, Sugar Plum would too.  I simply love the beach and this is apparent even in this comic post.  I have decided to continue the story of the Sugar Plum Comic and hope to have much success with this comic.  I have never started a comic series and so I will be learning along the way.  There are many aspects of comics that are to be learned and I hope to tackle the challenge.

-Laura B. 
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Purple Summer Hat #Painting

 If you missed the first few steps visit my old blog post from earlier this week and see how I go from nothing to something!  While taking photos of this piece I was not too sure if I was really finished with this one.  So, I may just do a little editing even after this post. 

So far I have achieved my goal while completing this painting; to make an improvement and complete it by Thursday.  Technically It was completed by Wednesday because I complete post a day prior to posting.  By blogging my paintings I am essentially improving my observation skills.  I discovered that when I paint portraits the portraits come out way better when I use a reference, a photo. So I will have to use more models, either myself or request someone else to be one.

I am unsure how some artist are able to paint an apple and make it look like a photo but I know I am not there yet.  Realism takes a whole bunch of practice and I am unsure if I want to make realism the goal because it involves to much control.  I noticed that too much control eliminates creativity and somehow I have concluded that that is what realism can do at times.

Also this week seems to have a reoccurring them in color, purple and plum shades.  I did not intentionally do that but I do love love love the color lavender.  Cool colors have always been a plus for hot summers.  I will be continuing my summer hat series and Sugar Plum Hun comics so visit back.  Thanks for visiting and connect with me on social media.  I would love to see what you think and know that you stopped by.  

-Laura B. 
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