#Painting a Work In Progress

This is part of a series of painting I am attempting in which I am examining the aesthetics of hats and the expressive nature in which hats are worn.  Much can be told about a person based on the the type of hat that they are wearing and how they are wearing a hat.  So this summer I am doing just that, a series centered around hats! I am really excited about it and hope it turns out great. 

The above painting is a pending work in progress because I would like to take my time to make room for improvement.   I could have just rushed this to finish it all in one day but sometimes I observe more if I see and think about the unfinished stages first. This piece is really a self portrait of myself wearing a hat from a picture taken yesterday. The painting in progress is on a 18 by 24 - inch canvas and the picture is being painted with acrylic paints, mainly purple and white.  

This painting is merely an exercise to help me re-identify the correct proportions of features, shapes, shadows and highlights.  I suspect that by repeating these types of works will help me to improve, so this blog will be my proof of improvement as an artist (as well as a blogger).

The goal is to finish by thursday but It may actually be finished by tomorrow so check back soon this week and thank you for visiting! In the meantime connect with me on social media! 

-Laura B. 
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Family Photos for Inspiration

  This might be a little random but True story,  I literally saw an man that could have passed as my late grandfathers twin.  I truly miss some family member but I by surprise I truly miss my grandfather. The man who looked like my grandfather politely greeted me like I was family too and my face was slightly shocked.  I know he must have thought I was a strange from my expression as I greeted him in return. As an young adult I cherish what my elders have passed on to me, the stories of life.  Even when I listen and see an elderly person  I see some of my family in them at times and sometimes.

While reading this will get a snap shot of my family history through this post.  Have you ever come across old photos and imaged what life was like when the photo was take?  I always do.   The source of inspiration for the painting below was my great grand mother.  It took much observation to paint her and during the process I noticed a resemblance better her and several family members I know. I have never got a chance to meet her, even in my infancy but I could only imagine what she was like.  I wonder what it was like in 1877, when she posed to take that photo. What was her personalty like?  Photos always have a way of sparking interest and so I hope my painting has the same effect. Check out the early stages of the painting below in my old post from last week.   

-Laura B.
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