7 Ways to Celebrate World Art Day

Yes! World Art Day is an real holiday recognized internationally! The International Association of Art (IAA) created it just for you to celebration the fine arts ...and to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide of course!  

World Art day Celebration started on April 15, 2012... and you have missed too much ... and have been forgetting to party on Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday.

You should be 100% excited for a day such as this.  It gives you a reason to celebrate art all day long and I will help you do so... Here are 10 ways you can celebrated the most creative holiday...

1. Capture The Human Experience with your camera. Learn how others have captured the human experience through photography at Distractify.

Photo by Alex Elle

2. Start a Good 30 Day Challenge, Art EveryDay 30-day challenge!

3.  Express your social activism through the arts like artist/activist Rick Lowe!

Courtesy of http://creativetimereports.org/Art by Rick Lowe 

4. Check out hundreds of street art by Sao Paulo brought to you by the Google Art Project!

Art By Sao Paulo/ Courtesy of http://www.fatcap.com

5. Transform lives through art though Life Start and read/watch as Truth Atlas explains how it is all done.

Image from "Radiant Child" a Jean-Michel Basquiat Documentary

7. Learn how to bake a A Mondrian Modern Art Dessert In Your Oven from Hedi Glen on NPR. Download beautiful Modern art desert recipes brought to you by Caitlin Freeman.

-Laura B.
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Cherry Blossoms Through My lens

Buy prints of LLaura Burge's images at http://llaura-burge.fineartamerica.com via @lauraburgeart

-Laura B.
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The Mooche

    Duke Ellington's success of his debut led at Carnegie hall led to a series of annual Carnegie Hall concerts, on which he always premiered at least one new work. My favorite song of his is "Mooche" among many others.  Can you listen to a song like this and not love it? It is the main reason why I even got interested in playing the clarinet! Although I do not think  I got as jazzy as this band. It brings me back into time and makes me think about how music can fill the entire room with a mood. You will understand me when you listen to Macy Gray sing "Mooche".

-Laura B. 
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Cactus Love

This cactus is about the only cactus I know that I can hug!  I love these and want one but the only way I will get one made is by creating it my self with this pattern and this free pattern

One of my my favorite foods and plants brought to you today by  Alana Jones-Mann!  
Cute Cactus Cupcakes are such a joy and they are just too cute and look to prickly to actually eat.  I think for once I may want to attempt a tutorial...learn from her tutorial!

Don't forget to check out the awesome Cactus jewelry displays by fine craft guild.

-Laura B. 
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FIne Art America


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