Illustrated Fashion Tour 2.0

   I know you are wondering and thinking, "when is this girl going to start the next tour?" Well, I have been planning and illustrating like a monster! My friends have been saying, "Every time I see you are drawing something!" and "What in the world are you drawing?"  Even the Hub was like, "Every time I turn around your drawing!"

A Live Heroe Summer

Last week I did open up a shop in Live Heros, but I am back with you today to share that you can receive 30% off of everything this week!  I love live heroes because of their print all over accessories and merchandise.  This a great place to shop for one of a kind items at CosmicMedium!

10 Things to Consider when Illustrating A Book and When Choosing An Illustrator

So this summer I have been documenting my thoughts and brainstorming ideas for my first upcoming book.  At the same time, I have been guest posting for the DC Ladies ("7 Reasons Why You Should Enter Into A Subcultural Pageant"), illustrating a book, designing a book, freelancing and working at my day job.  When I start to write all that I do throughout the week, it does seem like a lot.  

During the week (and through the weekend), I have been communicating with clients explaining to them what should be considered when illustrating a book.  To know this is beneficial to a healthy business because it introduces them to the realm of illustration and allows them to sustain a productive conversation about the illustrations you want.  Below are ten things to consider when illustrating a book or selecting an artist to illustrate your book: 

1. Realize good design takes time and thought.
2. Using Pinterest will help to understand which visual elements appeal to their audience.
3. Pinterest is an excellent tool for designing a visual board.
4. Pinterest is an excellent source to find design concepts.  Use Pinterest to your advantage! 
5.  An illustrator needs to know what visual elements are most important to you and the ones that must be kept constant.
6. Patience makes everyone happy.
7. When communicating colors, use hexadecimal codes (they transfer better to digital devices, and they are easier to communicate because they have a designated code).
8. Find out if your illustrator knows how to maneuver Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  If they do, you have won a triple bonus!
9. Stick to the medium in which the illustrator is most proficient in.
10. Always keep the line of communication open, answer emails to respond to questions and provide feedback.

Now that you have some things to consider be sure you pick the right creative/artist/illustrator to do the job and know that you are doing good by supporting an independent freelance artist (believe me)! Do you still have questions about this list? Do you have any suggestions? Comment below, the lines are alway open for communication! 

Sucessful Instagram hints and tips

I am not a super user of Instagram, but there was a time I celebrated having 200 followers, and I am still grateful for those who supported me from the start! I have tried many thinks by events, life milestones, and art on Instagram.  When I began using Instagram, there was no set time of the day, targeted audience, focused composition, and color I was trying to incorporate.  Now there are way more uses to Instagram than I expected. 

When starting out, your base supporters will be real with you, and they want the inside scoop to your lifestyle. Instagram gives people that inside scoop! 

I love Instagram because the audience is visually diverse, plus there are a lot of artist like myself on there I follow. So, here are some inside tips and hints I have used to grow my Instagram following:

1. Respond to comments and compliments with kindness.
2.  If you are an artist, start a drawing challenge that will be excessively showcased and shared on Instagram.
3. Feature, some of your favorite bloggers and share exclusive details on Instagram (like I did for the  #illfashiotour
4. Never leave your Instagram profile secret!  If it is on the Instagram, it will never be secret.  
5. Pay attention to your audience and post what the love the most!
5.  Post during the evening when people are off from work. 
6.  Use color (blues) to your advantage but play with negative space (white & black).
7.  Curate photos to have a common theme.
8.  If you decide to change the overall theme of your Instagram photos is sure, make a gradual change.
9. Keep a fun and cool description.  Descriptions can make and break IG friendships.
10.  Have a profile photo of you and or your logo in the profile photo.
11. Include photos of yourself sparingly. 
12.  Do not overload your followers with too many photos at one time. 
13.  Be positive.
14.  Makeup your hashtag!
15. Use hashtags to your advantage within your niche.  (be sure to add the hashtags right after you post the photo in the comments to keep the description short and sweet)  Check out the hastag I created for a blog tour #illfashiotour
16. Post at least one photo daily and more-so on Saturday too.

There are many tips and rules here that I wanted to add, but the ones listed above come from experience! Always be willing to change along with the currents and waves of social media, social media is alway evolving.

Sharing The Love

I have meant to share this with you! I am so happy to have been mentioned and featured on some of the blogs I have been reading!  Sometimes I just blog not believing anyone reads it, but I am grateful that you do.  Some of the blogs that helped share the love about this tour are below.  I know may miss some, but I can always recapture it once I am notified of it and find the post! 

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-"IllFashionTour Feature" at M3llowYellow
-"7 Fashion Bloggers Who You May Not Know But Would Love" at MyColoures

As a result of the love, I will be compiling all of my drawings ( from the 1st and 2nd Tour) into a book in a few weeks (pray for me).  There will be more about this in September (I have a lot of work to do) and will have to give my subscribers access to the book (subscribe to get more information first).

Check out the first tour, if you haven't! If you missed the illustrated fashion tour,  there will be another one coming in a couple of days!  

Illustrated Fashion Blog Tour (#illfashionTour) Featuring: Distinguished Diva

Today on the #illfashiontour (illustrated fashion tour), one of the bloggers being featured is Adeola,

Illustrated Fashion Blog Tour Featuring ( #illfashiontour ): Comme CoCo

Today we are also featuring  Jen, the creator of


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