Routine and Consistency

Routine and consistency is what is needed when blogging.  I noticed it is very important to always think up of something creative to share but recently my brain waves have been preoccupied with other matters.  What are these matters?  I know you are wondering..."why isn't she being as consistent as last month"?  I am not going to quit blogging.  I am not going on another vacation. Well maybe...but that is off subject. The thing is that I have been planning my own wedding and it is near! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

I have been on budget with supplies, been limited on time and my energy at times have been drained.  Through all of this I have learned that I am still truly an artist because after all of the mental exhaustion I still want to paint and draw!  I am warming up to the writing part but I am extremely positively sure that I still want to paint and draw.  Wish me luck...and drop a hello! I am sensing another sugar plum cartoon...maybe. Until then checkout my updated web site!

-Laura B. 
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Three Colors One Portrait

 The goal was to create another version of myself on canvas in only three colors.  I have a lot of materials but not a lot of space so I am attempting to just use what I have where I am at.  I want and plan to stop from making so many excessive purchases on paint and materials. As for the choice in color: I usually try to group cool colors with colors unless I paint on two different days.  Why the reason for the grouping of colors and different times? Well I just do not want them all to start turning black and muddy (not bad but that is just not my goal this time).

Tools for Painting
The portrait created was created using three colors: blue, green and yellow. The colors used were chosen because I wanted to create a cool effect since I was running out of red and believe me I wanted to use warm colors.  The paints used are acrylic paints of Liquites brand on a 18 by 24 inch Acrylic Primed Cotton Fredix canvas. 

This painting (portion) took me about two hours to complete but since I had to stop and take photos it took longer. The camera I used was a Nikon D5200 but I did not have the proper lighting (a spot light (with a soft whit light bulb).

Software Used 
The tow editing programs I used were Pixelmator (in mac store) and Intensify (in mac store and amazon).

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-Laura B. 
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Sun Soaked

Hello.  Hope you were on vacation while I was.  Everyone needs a vacation, even the bloggers on Google! I have been walking on the sand and listening to the sea. During that time I enjoyed the company of the sunshine, sand, sea and family. On my mini vacation I thought about why I blog and concluded that I just really like to share my painting and drawings (minus the criticism).  Painting lifts my spirit because I am able to create something from my dreams, which is why I encourage others to be creative. I write here to share my voice and thoughts but I will not claim to be a writer. I have a good 40 hours a week write formally (and technically) on my day job and the documents with out color, desaturated. Tomorrow there will be something new for you right here. Stay tuned and don't change that channel! 

The Gulf Shore sideways but it is still peaceful.

Soaked in the sun and smiled!

Had a chance to get my feet sandy.

-Laura B. 
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