The Smith Kids

Last week I reflected on this interview without including the judgement of others.

After all they are children not adults.

Willow Smith and Jayden Smith were interviewed by Time Magazine and I have a positive reaction but I am not shocked.  I like their perspectives on school, life, time, music and energy. from my perspective they are intriguing artists and they are privileged. As an artist myself it seems as though that they are really young and are testing out who they would like to be. Yes, they are young but that is what makes their perspective honest and unique. 

Jayden has a unconventional way of thinking based on many of his responses. He commented on education and school by stating "You never learn anything in school. Think about how many car accidents happen every day. Driver’s ed? What’s up? I still haven’t been to driver’s ed because if everybody I know has been in an accident, I can’t see how driver’s ed is really helping them out." 

Here is the thing I understand his logic and it makes sense that the things that do not make sense  are a normally in society. Part of functioning in the real world as an adult is following the rules of society even the ones that do not necessarily  make sense. Jaylen is privilege  and young  but I believe  that this concept is a lesson that would be difficult for him to grasp if he is not flexible in his thinking. 

Willow's one response on how she has gotten better goes as followed, "Caring less what everybody else thinks, but also caring less and less about what your own mind thinks, because what your own mind thinks, sometimes, is the thing that makes you sad." 

Overall out of all the responses I love willows response! Just like I said yesterday, artist should care less and less of what people think. In addition, artist should care less of what they think of their art work. Although, I am still compelled to know how art my makes people feel. 

The two teenagers are so young and have so much growing up to do but I understand they are a cool in their own way even if they were are privileged .

If it is one thing I can learn from  Willow is that, like her, I really should right my own novel. It is true that there are not a lot  of books that I like that are good in general. If I do not like the books that are considered good I should write some great ones for myself.  Willow was not as vocal and opinionated as her brother but I liked  her responses better than anything else. 

Anywho, I still like their creative ways of thinking. their perspective gives of the feeling of freedom and life. I am not sure as to how to itterate  that to you but that is what I get.

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Un-complicated Art

Eryka Badu should really have a book of her own on the subject of Art and Music. Her reflections can be agreed upon by many artist these days. I read Ms. Badu's post this morning and she touched on some points about art that shine a light on a perspective I never really examined.  She shared her opinion in art which she mentioned being challenged, peeling layers and not thinking.  Life is complicated and therfore so is art beacuse often art imitates life. Therefore, at times artists and art lovers choose to only reveal one layer, chose not to be challenged and do not want HAVE to think all the time.  It is a releif to see art with one layer when life reaveals so many layers and complexities without our concent.  At times I do create art with many layers but some do not realize it and mistake it for a un-complex piece. Sometimes there are many layers and I just do not feel like exsplaining it all.  I love that she is not concerned if weather you like her art but is concerned about how it makes you feel.  Often I see that at time art can be easily likeable beacuse it has the resemblance of the society's standard of beauty but if you really want to impress and flatter an artist tell them how the art makes you feel.  I my self will seek an answer to this everytime an art lover exspesses their thoughts on a piece. Wheather they like it or not that piece makes them feel a certain way and they really want to know how does the art make them feel. I am not going to stand around in a gallery and exsplain how and why but Instead I will seek how it makes others feel. Once I create something it is freed out into the world and I want to know what dialouge it will create. What type of dialouge will your art create? How does your art make others feel?

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Becoming Ceative

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Becoming creative takes practice.  Once you finally have creativity incorporated in every part of your life creative maintenance is still required.   Since my break it seemed like a challenge to be even more creative than before. I know why I have had a creative block. It is because I have not been practicing creative thinking everyday!

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Many artist feel this way after taking a long break.  If you are a creative thinker you may also understand this challenge too!  So I have a solution, to complete a doodle of creativity a day. Oh and don't be ashamed of your creative block we all get this everyone in a while.  You will get through it! You just need a daily challenge in the creativity department just as myself.

The first creative project or challenge I will include the most basic of all steps, doodling! Some of my best ideas came from a little measly doddle.  When doodling don't have a reason just doodle but time yourself  and see what ideas shine!  Doodles can be used for sketches and concepts in the future or present. Ah but never throw away your doodles, you may see potential in it next week or next year!

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The most important thing is that doodling will help you save time by helping you to pull out the great ideas out of the good ideas and keeping you from wasting time working on the not too goo ideas.

So far I have been doodling on the train and felt a little hesitant because it was not as great as I hoped it would be but perhaps you may see an improvement in my doodles by next week! Happy doodling!

-L. Laura

P.S.  Art from the "Big Wedding Day" will be resurfacing here. My plan is to post weekly to share some creativity. :-)

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