Illustrated Fashion Tour Featuring #illfashionTour : Stylishly Decadent

Thank you for checking out the illustrated fashion tours weekly features (#illfashiontour)!  This week we are featuring Chakayla the creator of...

Illustrated Fashion Tour Featuring #illfashionTour : Fashion Runs The World

Welcome back to the illustrated fashion tour (#illfashiontour)! This week we are featuring Simone, the creator of ...

Featured Illustrated Blogger in the #illfashiontour: M3llowYellow

This week's featured illustrated fashion blogger in the #illfashiontour is Melanie the blogger and creator of ....

Featured Illustrated Fashion Blogger in the #illfashiontour : GorgeousInGrey

This week's featured illustrated fashion blogger in the #illfashiontour is...

Amazon Prime Day Cool Creative Wishlist

Happy Amazon Prime Day! There are a couple of items on the Amazon Prime Day Cool Creative Wishlist too! Any cool creative would love the thinks that I have listed.  Just check out and see what I have listed, you know you want to.

Illustrated Fashion Blogger Featuring: The Posh Blog

This week in the Illustrated Fashion Blogger Tour we are featuring...

10 Friday Favorites!

I follow a lot of cool creative blogs, and....

Free Online Creative Classes and Tools

Free tools are essential for keeping a creative business thriving, and I want to help you! Have you ever thought that there are many things to purchase that you did not even know you needed?

Featured Illustrated Blogger of Fashion For Breakfast #illfashiontour

Favorite Tools &Materials Used | Shop Teena's look featured above!

The illustration above is of Teena Leone of Fashion For Breakfast. Teena Leone know a lot about fashion and share it all on Fashion For Breakfast, a blog...

Influinster's VoxBox "I Do"

So I recently received a surprise, the Influencer Vox Box I Do!!!!  This Vox Box is awesome...

July Sale at CosmicMedium


So when there is a large celebration there is a...

Illustrated Fashion Tour #illfashiontour: Featuring Naturally Glam

Meet Jonna from Naturally Glam!  She is a certain fashion blogger who provides a wealth of information on style, beauty, and lifestyle....

Dive Into Creative Deals

The DC Ladies New Cultural DC Contributor!

 I am so surprised and excited that I will be the ...

Featured Illustrated Fashion Blogger of Wise Kouture in the #iLLFashionTour


Welcome to the #iLLFashionTour, where every week I illustrate and feature an "ill" fashion blogger!  This time I illustrated the with the old school pencil, paper, ink, and watercolor. The well needed the break from the blue screen and to create a light, whimsical illustration!

Featured Illustrated Fashion Blogger of Curvy Girl Chronicles

This week featured below is Kristina, the fashion blogger of Her favorite quote is  "Everything you want is on the other side of Fear".  It is fun that she mentioned that because fear is what gets us at first.  Bloggers feel fear when pressing that publish button after finishing a revealing post!  Artists feel fear when sharing an art piece for the first time in an art show or online. Fashion lovers feel the fear of what others may think of their figures, when in a sea of skinny minis!

Illustrated Blogger of TheStylePerk

Welcome to The Illustrated Blog Tour! This weeks illustrated fashion blogger was able to spill some knowledge about fashion and provide some advice. This week we had illustrated Kasi of The J Michael Project ( New site: The Style Perk)!

Illustrated Fashion Tour: Fashion Du Jour Daily

The #illFashionTour is uncommon, unique and different from the rest.  Usually bloggers host blog tours by inviting bloggers of the same niche to guest post but since this is a creative venture, this tour will be creatively different.

Your Potential Is Unlimited!

Your potential is unlimited.  You are likely to create and be creative and it is unlimited!  Do you ever wonder if you will ever run out of creativity?  I did.  I was worried that someday my creativity would disappear, so I to wrote down and sketched all of my ideas.  It is always good to record your ideas though.  If it is in you to create, you will be creative and always swim upstream to be creative. 

Happiness is Beauty

When you see celebrities like Beyonce, do you ever wonder what makes them look so beautiful?  It is not that foundation or that new dress they are modeling.  It is their happiness; that is what makes them so attractive. So recently, I started a new mantra, "Happiness Is Beauty" because the secret to beauty is the active choice to be happy. What started all of this?  What started this was the examination of all of my inner thoughts.


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