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Illustrated Styles From A to Z

Every since I was able to dream, I have always loved to create new styles! Of course, when I was younger I did not have the money to pu...

Digital Illusration: Start To Illustrate Your Style with procreate

Remember that time I said I was going to tech an illustration class (you probably do not remember because it was the long time ago)?

Well, I finally have my class up and running! This course is my first course on Skillshare and I am excited. I look forward to seeing you in my 1st course! There will be more (advanced course) to come!

Check out my new Skillshare class: "Digital Illustration: Start To Illustrate Your Style with Procreate ." Use the link below to get three months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes.

New users get three months for $0.99!  http://skl.sh/25qTFyi

Have you thought about illustrating your style and fashion look book but don’t know where to start? In this short class, Artist and Illustrator Laura (Burge) Coleman will walk you through the process of illustrating the styles in your the lookbook and how to make your illustration come to life with color and shading. With this foundation, you’ll be ready to illustrate new fashions like "Illustrated Styles From A to Z" and begin publishing illustrated lookbooks each season for admirers of fashion and art around the world.

New users get three months for $0.99!  Sign up here! http://skl.sh/25qTFyi

Watch Me #DrawTheCool the Founder of We CAN-CER vive!® Mia Wright

Mia Wright, a three-time ovarian cancer survivor, is the founder of We CAN-CER vive!® She has the experience to help advocate and educate other women on the importance of recognizing the silent signs of ovarian cancer.  We CAN-CER vive!® (WCV) is a nonprofit organization that supports cancer patients and survivors, educates the community, and raises funds to support cancer trials in hopes of finding a cure for cancer. Join her at Lord & Taylor for her second annual We Cancer-Vive fashion event (where I will also be painting live!!!).  http://www.we-can-cervive.org/new-gallery/2016/5/23/we-can-cer-vive-2nd-annual-cancer-awareness-fashion-event-festivities-schedule

As part of our #DrawTheCool Campaign Watch me draw Mia Wright with the Ipad, Apple pencil and procreate!

Watch the video here https://youtu.be/ICoSWXkQQQs

Procreate Application https://bit.ly/1X5hqLi
iPad, Apple Pencil, Wacom Table & Wacom Pen (for iPad)

Subscribe to my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQEEWbjrgK2f7kuV3cCByg

Not Giving Up On What I Love To Do

Last week I was reminded that I should not give up when my shop was featured in Hello Giggles. Of course, I was not thinking of doing so but was simply reminded not to and hope to remind others not to give up on their art.

 I am able to still create artwork and that means a lot to me.  Not creating artwork simply is not an option. I am a creative being and creating artwork is like breathing.  

Sometimes I may go ghost on my blogging duties.  During those times I am either taking care of life or creating artwork. 

Currently I just blog to inspire you  because sharing creativity is caring for those who love creativity. 

Your artist and creative blogger,

p.s. Time Lapses on how these drawings were made will be up soon on youtube. Subscribe here! Catch a sneak peak of what I am creating on Instagram 

The IRS Contacted Me and Here Is Why

  So, recently the US Tax Center of the IRS  reached out to me.  At first, I was worried too....

Before you jump to conclusions!

Just to let you know, I paid every penny of my personal and business taxes, so I am not in trouble or anything! They (the US Tax Center) love my Etsy shop, they do!  I feel relieved too!

The reason why they contacted me was that they loved my Etsy shop and wanted me to share tips and my experience! I have so much to share with you all, but I am not a woman of words so that I will get straight to the point (this can quickly turn into an e-book, but I am not about that life right now).  

So, Here are some things about starting an Etsy business or shop that I think everyone is is looking to start one should consider:


-Shop for products and materials that are of great quality and price!
-Faster shipping is always better for the customer.  People tend to appreciate 1-3 day shipping with tracking.
-Provide a tracking code wit your shipping products. 


-Acknowledging that time is needed, and everything cannot be perfect. 
-People want what they want and not what you want them to want. 


- I benefit by having more respect for an artist in business and small businesses.  
-Learning and becoming a wise business person. 
-I now can pay some bills too (critical). 

If the above tips helped, you would defiantly love the infographic below. I'm a visual learner and can actually appreciate it. 

 Below are some online seller tips from The Tax Center of the IRS:

Visit the-the US Tax Center for more information.

Private Policy & Disclosure

Drawing The Cool: Awesomely Luvvie

During this week, I had fun drawing our first featured business woman, Awesomely Luvvie! She is truly crafty with her words and knows how to tell her story! I urge you to check out some of her articles on the here site.  Often I find myself chuckling at lunch and admiring her writing skills. 

The drawing above is also below in a drawing time lapse (video below).  Check out how this drawing/illustration is made.  I am currently using the Procreate Application, along with the apple pencil and Ipad pro.  If you love the drawing, please subscribe to The Cosmic Medium and give us a high five on youtube! Want to be featured in our monthly #DrawTHeCool Series? Here are the details. 

Your creative blogger and Artist! 


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