Studio Snack Ideas

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This post is about snack food, food that makes you do a tiny happy dance in the corners of your mind. In my make shift newborn studio I have managed to keep snacks at my deal because sometimes I get the creative bug during lunch time.  Snacks are necessary, especially when I  get bitten by the creative bug at odd times of the day.

 Usually when I have an idea I will continuously work on it for long periods of time, even if it means skipping a huge meal.  Its not safe to skip a meal but it is k to have a small snack here and there during studio time to keep the belly happy. In my snack stash you may find chocolate candy, apples, sunflower seeds, trail mix and my newest addition. As a result I often eat while I work to minimize time and sometimes creativity.

Recently, I have been chosen to review potential yummy snack called "Reece's Spread"!   I have paired it with Apple's and strawberries! The combinations are endless! Warning: Reeves Spread is quite rich in flavor but when paired with strawberries is a match made in heaven.  The only downfall it that there are 190 calories in one serving, two tablespoons. Keep in Mind that this may serve as a nice dessert or reward at the end of a 30 minute workout and some healthy greens. Pair the new Reece's Spread with a healthy Apple, pair and strawberry! What will you be stashing in your studio's snack drawer?

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Peaceful Artist Protest

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is to great a burden to bear. "- Martin Luther King, Jr.

I know that now my mother wold not be afraid for me to do the same today but would fear for me then. Although the fear and anticipation has changed some this still need to change. Actually, many thing need to be changed. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day I participated in a peaceful Artful protest with The Sanctuaries. Our main theme was "We share your dream!" and attendees were on social media using #turnupMLK #reclaimMLK #IHaveADream .  We read (and listened to) the "I Have a Dream Speech" and A "Black Lives Matter" article in which we reflected what it meant to us.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day I wanted to focus on what he said in his speech when he walked up to the memorial.  When I listened to his speech I imagined what it was like to hear his I Have A Dream Speech for the first time. All of the feeling of marching n the mall through the Nations Capitol, marching to the National Mall and even gathering with people who share the same visions and dreams  all make it worth while.

This honestly went extremely well and it was my 1st protest!  I loved the signs that were created and how they were made.  Of course I did not make them but another art has contributed her time end energy to making those signs meaningful to our protest.  While outside we had music and chanted our have a dream statements from the ribbon starting with "#Ihaveadream".

Many people were able to recite poems and speak their dream! It was the best artist protest I have been to and witnessed! What is your dream? Check out The Sanctuaries  and see what they are going to do next for the art community!

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An Awesome Crochet & Fiber Art Experience

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Before Crocheting
I have fallen in love with free form crocheting.  Last year I wanted to hand-make all of my Christmas gifts but never finished in time and ended up with bundles of yarn materials.   Don't get me wrong!  I still love to crochet but I kept making excuses for the amount of time I had.  After my recent move to a new city I revisited my crocheting stash and thought to finish my projects.  I had started a bunch of projects but never finished them, sadly. So to get myself pumped up about finishing my crocheting goals I recently I took a course in free-form crocheting. 

My initial Thought and Outcome

My initial thoughts were wrong! At first I thought  I was just wasting my time taking a course to learn things I had already knew.   I learned the creative strategies and art of crocheting,  new stitches, new patterns and most off all gained confidence! I gained new knowledge, confidence and rediscovered my new love for crocheting. The instructor in the free form crocheting course was easy to understand, open to endless questions and very enthusiastic.

My little Definition of Crocheting

Freeform crochet is a mixup or a remix of crochet textures and patterns. There were many textures that I had relearned but putting them all together made it awesome. In the pictures here I have only created one side of a bag that I am making. In a way I am recreating a fabric and shaping it the way I want with pieces of rounds and chains.
The Final Free-Form Crochet Product

I finally finished the final product!  I can say over all it is very artsy and one of a kind.  The things I love about it are the textures, patterns and colors.  The only thing I wish I had done was choose a thicker stitch for the bottom of the bag and create a lining.  PerhapsI can lear that next in sewing. 

Pros, Cons and Recommendations

Pros: Flexible, Convenient, affordable time efficient, unlimited access to course,  recommended text material, recommend crocheting materials and unlimited questions.

Cons: Since it is an online experience it is not in-person and personal interaction with the community or instructor.

Some of the other crochet courses include:
Curvy Crochet Class
Crochet Basics & Beyond (w/Kim Werker)
See It, Crochet It: Reading Diagrams (w/ Charles Voth)
Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace Class
Online Tunisian Crochet Class
Crochet Lab Class
Kipas Bookmark Pattern
Joining Crochet Motifs
Amazing Crochet Textures (w/ Drew Emborsky)
Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches (w/ Marty Miller)
Crocheting in the Round: Mix & Match Hats (w/ Stacey Trock)

Did you say FREE!

Some FREE crochet patterns at Craftsy include the Kipas Bookmark Pattern, the Free Granny-in-the-middle Flower Pattern

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