Mixed Media Artist Brianna McCarthy

I found out about her on Instagram actually...I adore the portraits created by Brianna McCarthy. The artwork she creates is often colorful and expensive in nature with a hint of Caribbean culture.

The expressions on of the subjects are of a mosaic, matching the designs she creates along with the silhouettes of her subjects. It amazes me as to how she could take the appearance of a woman and transform it into something exotic and recognizable at the same time.

Brianna McCarthy identifies herself as a "mixed media artist who lives and works in Trinidad and Tobago."

Her work represents "the intricacies and dynamics of representing Afro-Caribbean women who are portrayed as being strong, long-suffering, exoticised and picturesque beings against a backdrop of poverty, hardship, abuse and scorn. McCarthy’s constructions and representations revolt against and subvert the stereotypical trends of representing the black body."

She starts her artwork by taking "pencil to paper, ink to vellum and knife to cloth, to mend the parts of her experience, to fill in it’s gaps with beauty, questions, and expressions of the social and relational."

So find more of McCarthy's work check her out at Pop’Africana Magazine
(www.popafricana.com) on a future issue, her feature in ARC Magazine (www.arcmagazine.com) and at http://briannamccarthy.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html.

Where the artist blogs about art!

What It Meant and What You Missed

"Melanin Mary" by L.Laura B. can be purchase atwww.society6.com/cosmicmedium

Last week I have been debating on moving my blog to tumblr but I had to weigh my priorities.  To make a long story short, it is just easier for me to stay put on Google's Blogger. Just in case you missed it during my tumblr trial here it is.

"The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness," -Marcus Garvey

"Melanin Mary" represents a woman who avoids  the touchy subject of her skin color but learns the meaning of melanin.  I was inspired to draw this because I had always wondered why people of color are people of color.  I instinctively think that there is a logical reason people look and act the way they do. I wanted to talk about my skin color but like "Melanin Mary" avoid the subject because there are so many things I (like her) do not understand socially and biologically.  
We may not know why people of color are people of color, but we can at least learn about melanin.  As most words in the English language, melanin comes from a Greek word.  In this case, melanin comes from melas, meaning black or dark.  Here are a few facts about melanin cells that I find important:

1. Melanin can be found in the skin, hair and eyes. 
2. There are many different kinds of melanin, but humans are most abundant in eumelanin.  
3. Higher eumelanin levels run the high risk of  a vitamin D deficiency. 
4.  Freckles and moles are formed where there is a localized concentration of melanin in the skin. 
5. Dark-skinned people, who produce more skin-protecting eumelanin, have a greater protection against sunburn and the development of melanoma.
6. Melanin in the eyes, in the iris and choroid, helps protect them from ultraviolet and high-frequency visible light.

I am not quite prepared to break down the social effects, effects, meaning and the history of melanin in North America.  Maybe over time you will see hints of my observations of melanin in my art and maybe I will discuss it here and there.

"Sugarless" by L.Laura B. can be purchase atwww.society6.com/cosmicmedium

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

I chose to draw a girl enjoying sugarless gum to signify the deceitfulness in the educational system.  ”Sugarless” was inspired by the local school systems and society.  In “Sugarless” the girl represents society and the “sugarless” gum being the public education system. Gum can be easily identified as sugarless but often without disclosing that there are other sweeteners that are harmful to our health just like sugar.  

A newsman highlighted the improved average test scores of students in the local public school system, but I found that information deceitful. Society needs to recognize the lack or respect given to teachers of great value, knowledge and expertise.  Credit needs to be given to teachers because they often sacrifice time and money to help the education of a child.
If you were ever a teacher you know, that would always be that one child who just needs extra encouragement and support.  The best teachers will go into their own pockets to pay for  supplies and devote extra time for the education of students.  The teachers who are willing to and who have made a sacrificed are the ones we need in our educational system making decisions and the ones who should be getting paid more. 

Education is a foundation for American society but if we fail to nourish children with proper education we are ultimately failing ourselves.  

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.  www.society6.com/cosmicmedium

Colorful Lines For the Summer

"Thankful and Happy" By L. Laura Burge on www.Society6.com/CosmicMedium

I am happily thankful.  This piece is inspired by the act of being thankful.  Lately, I have been working on ways to stay happy while things may go bad.  So far, the one thing that I know for sure is that being thankful helps.  I often say a prayer of thankfulness to lift my spirits.  This drawing shows how happy you can be when you say a little prayer of thankfulness and/or focus on being thankful.

"Over My Shoulder" By L. Laura Burge on www.Society6.com/CosmicMedium

During regular business hours, I work very hard at my daytime job but most of it requires looking over my shoulder.  This piece is inspired by the act of always being aware of what's over the shoulder.  Sometimes I feel as though I may miss something if I don't and may learn some things from others. It is not bad thing to be aware of what is over your shoulder if you can learn something from it.

"Past Present" By L. Laura Burge on www.Society6.com/CosmicMedium

I love this piece and I was inspired by learning from the past. The woman here is looking forward to the present from the past. I do not enjoy looking towards the past, but the only reason I dos to learn from it.  My future will be bright if I learn from the past.  

"Right Curl Right Girl" By L. Laura Burge on www.Society6.com/CosmicMedium

Right Curl Right Girl is actually featured in Society6's shop! Quite a few people there love this one.  If you are the right girl you have to have the right curl.  He trend is that you must love you curls.  It is simply not right to hate your curls nowadays! 

Be sure to support independent artists (and their art) and heart all of these lovely drawings at www.society6.com/cosmicmedium!  Leave a comment under the ones you love! 

Mario and Donkey Kong

I believe the Donkey Kong arcade game is creatively cosmic because it was the first to use a complete narrative told in the video game form ... And ... Includes cut scenes to advance its plot... And...The Infamous Mario was introduced!

On this day in 1981 Nintendo introduced the world's most famous character in the video game history....Mario! Mario was first seen in Nintendo's arcade game, Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is said to be one of the earliest video games with a storyline that visually unfolded on the screen.

In this arcade game the villain, Donkey Kong, is depicted as Mario's pet (Earlier named Jumpman). In the story Donkey Kong escapes and kidnaps Mario's girlfriend, Lady (later known as Pauline). In the end, the object of the game is to take on the character as Mario and rescue Pauline, his girlfriend. 

Play Donkey Kong for free online at www.donkeykongonline.com

Stay Cosmic!
Laura B.

Citrus Summer

Citrus Summer
Citrus Summer by cosmic medium featuring a floppy hat

Below are some of my favorite summer looks, cents, and accessories.  I have put together a group of items that I adore along with some items I have designed.  Check out the items!  I am sure you will love these unique items in citrus orange.
1. Clock society6.com 2. Mary Jane Vogue009 3. Vince Camuto jewelry Vince Camuto 4. Floppy hat amazon.com 5. Crabtree Evelyn body moisturizer Crabtree & Evelyn 6.Drop earrings Amazon Curated Collection 7. Mix it flower ring 8. jcpenney.com 8. Victoria s Secret perfume fragrance Victoria's Secret 9. NARS Cosmetics nail polish NARS 10. Round glasses 80spurple 11. Body cleanser Santa Monica Soap Co. 12. Voz Collective tribal necklace bluefly.com 13. Fornash tortoise bangle simplysoles.com 14. Orange Tote society6.com

-Laura B.
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Natural Hair Afro Inspired Home Decor

I am in dire need of some afro inspired home decor like this!  I have purchased many items for the home, but these pieces add a personal touch that you can’t find in a department store!  Select unique designs from independent artist! Currently, 20% off on pillows and Sale ends at 11:59pm! So hurry and get creative with this Afro inspired home decor! 1. Lovely Afro by Coily and Cute 2.Beauty Blue by Haley Rankins 3. Hope Craze by Art By Tola 4. Floating Fro Man by Eric Larkin 5. The Afro By Brandi Q 6. The Red Beads By Janai Macklin

Wearable Afro Art by Independent Artists

I am in love with this wearable afro art! They are all encouraging, stylish and cute! Wearing their art is a great way to support independent artists and their business! Check them out!  Today items are 20% off too so hurry! 1.Fro Hawk by Brandi Q 2. I Had To Draw Her by JanaiMacklin 3. Afro Blue by Hailey Rankins 4. Afro Blessings by Art By Tola 5. Floating Fro Woman by Eric Larkin 6. Scarf by Coily and Cute

7 Ways Celebrate The History of Black Artists


     In America, the same things that motivate to change for the good bring us together and that is part of Black history. So I am going to make a change for the better.  My goal is to celebrate black history throughout the year instead of just during one month because  back history means celebrating the great historical contribution of African American to the United States and around the world.

    It is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing what to celebrate in such a limited time because there is so much great history to begin with! A great way to start celebrating Black history in is by starting with celebrating the History of Black Artist. Here are a few ways to celebrate to Celebrate Black History's Artists:

1. Listen to African American History Podcast: Stuff You Missed In History,  Witness Black History on BBC, Tell Me More About Black History NPR and The African Roots Podcast

5. Check out these Books: Moses: Rosa by Nickki Giovanni When Harriet Tubman Led Her People To Freedom by Carol Boston Weatherford,  One Crazy Summer (Gaither Sisters, #1)  by Rita Williams-Garcia  The Autobiography of Malcom X by Malcom X, Nelson Mandela by Kadir Nelson, Why We Cant Wait by Martin Luther King Jr., Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine

6. View these African American History Based movies: Rosewood (1997), Red Tails (2011), Ghost of Mississippi (1996), The Night Catches Us (2010), This Far By Faith (1946-1966), A Raisin In The Sun (1961), To Kill A Mocking Bird (1962), Glory (1989), Get On The Bus (1996) and Ali (2001).

7. Visit African American History Museums: the Museum Of The African DiasporaThe Martin Luther King National Historic SiteThe Fredrick Douglas National Historic SiteThe Birmingham Civil Rights InstituteThe African American Museum of The Arts in Deland FloridaThe Black American West Museum and Heritage Center and The Robert Gould Shaw and 54th Regiment Museum.

-Laura B. 
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Weekday Photo Diary

I was lucky enough Last week to come across an interactive insulation called the "Request For Proposals" also known as the RFP.  It was awesome, and I was able to contribute to this lovely installation! It is always nice to discover a new small gallery of artist in Baltimore Maryland.  During my visit, I contributed to the art piece as you can see in the photo below.  I love it when there are bloggers and writers activity practicing their art in creative spaces like coffee shops and bakeries.  I think Baltimore City needs more creative spaces like coffee shops to be creative.

Sadly, I did not build up the nerve to create these watercolor pieces in a coffee shop because it was just way too late and cold out. But I promise as soon as it warms up and it us not too late I will be touring some coffee shops for creativity in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore City! Visit back soon I have some great things to share with you on the blog!

-Laura B. 

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