Happiness is Beauty

When you see celebrities like Beyonce, do you ever wonder what makes them look so beautiful?  It is not that foundation or that new dress they are modeling.  It is their happiness; that is what makes them so attractive. So recently, I started a new mantra, "Happiness Is Beauty" because the secret to beauty is the active choice to be happy. What started all of this?  What started this was the examination of all of my inner thoughts.

Some would be positive but most were negative. It is true, even those who appear happy on the outside need to think positively.  So,  I decided to start a new mantra.  The only problem was, trying to git it incorporated into my everyday life.

With all of the thoughts running through my head day by day, I needed a reminder.   A reminder is needed to keep our thoughts on the right track.  So, I thought that one way to remind myself of my chosen mantra was to stick in highly visual places.

What better place to hold this mantra than to stick it on all of my electronic devices? Yep.  That is what I did.  So now every time I check my phone or type up anything on my computer I see my reminder. A reminder to help you stay actively thinking positive thoughts.  This method is perfect for the visual learners, artist and visual artist! I love posting reminder notes but since you're a tech savvy person this will be effective.

As a freebie, I made this available to you because I want my positive effect to have a long lasting poise effect on you.  Share this with your friend who may see a glimpse of your mantra and tell them what it means to you!  Remember: Happiness is beautiful, and so are you! Download the iPhone, iPad and wallpaper just like mines!

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For the computer wallpaper!

For the iPhone

For the iPad 

The Illustrated Fashion Tour #illfashionTour

Update: So, I have been contemplating what I should do for a give away.  The give away would go to the person who shares #illFashionTour the most on Instagram.  It may be an item out of my shop at society6.com/cosmicmedium.  Not sure but it will be subject to change.  Keep your eyes pealed and thanks for all of your support! Also, We just added Ty from  http://gorgeousingrey.com (www.instagram.com/gorgeousingrey)!!!!

Get ready for the #illFashionTour!  I have been a little busy brainstorming the tour so excuse my if I am a little sparse on blog post this week and the next.  I promise it is for a good reason!  I will be illustrating fashion from over ten fashion blogger across the United States during the month of June and July! There will be a special giveaway for the blogger and or reader who shares the #illfashiontour the most!  During this event, I will have my Etsy shop up and running to accept custom fashion illustrations if requested.   

So keep your eyes peeled for some awesome bloggers, fashion and art on CosmicMedium!  I promise this will worth the wait! 

Update: Our primary platform will be Instagram using #illfashiontour  ! 

Check back here soon to receive updates on prizes and a schedule! 

Here is the current line-up!

June 1

Leslie at www.FashionDuJourDaily.wordpress.com


June 8

Kasi at http://thejmichaelproject.com/kasiperkins


June 15

Kristina at www.CurvyGirlChronicles.net


June 22

Crystal at www.WiseKouture.com


June 29

Jonna at www.Naturally-Glam.com


July 6

Teena at www.FashionForBreakfast.com


July 13

Pascha at www.ThePoshBlog.com


July 20

Ty at http://gorgeousingrey.com

Use That Music To Boost Your Creativity

 Music has always been a factor in my creativity! In fact, I do my best drawing and painting when I am listening to some good music.  So, music helps me explore my feelings and thoughts.  More specifically, wordless music can be of great influence here and across the world! You do not need a language to understand it; it is wordless and indescribably expressive!

Wordless music has many significant benefits for people who of diverse styles, babies and the elderly.  Some of the benefits of wordless music include the following:

1. May help make the relative task easier.

2. May serve as an escape in a noisy place.

3. Improves creativity.

4. Help to focus if the tune is familiar.

5. Enhances the ability to memorize.

6. Can be the ultimate in training young minds to think critically and creatively.

7. Stress reduction.

8. Promotes Happiness.

9. Helps us stay motivated when exercising.

Below are some tunes to get you on a creative path!So go ahead get some of your best work done with the lovely ambiance of the symphony, jazz and or drums.  Let me know how it goes.  What is your favorite wordless music that can get you through a creative block or tuff day?

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A James Bond 007 Movie Monday

*Cool affiliate links from Popsugar and Amazon!

Sky Fall 007 is a Monday a movie must! Skyfall 007 (2012), is the most recent James Bond film that stars Daniel Craig as Bond. With that said, Skyfall was on my list of movies to see on Monday, and it was just added to the amazon prime list this month!  I went to check Amazon Prime, and I saw Skyfall 007, for free. I love spy movies and fast card, the action, fighting and a little romance.

Sky fall had that large element of luxury, but I wish that they had remade this movie into a television show.  I remember watching the older 007 television shows and had wished they had a 007 show in today's time.  I love seeing lavish technology and luxury cars on the big screen. Wouldn't you agree?

My excitement from the Skyfall 007 movie is the same but amplified 10X more for Spectre. I suspect Spectre is the best movie to see if you are a "fast car" fan! In Spectre features a Range Rover Sports SVR, Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar’s 890-hp hybrid C-X75.  This movie will make you drool all over those fast cars or will make you just want to travel the world for vacation.

There is a new and short behind-the-scenes video for Spectre!

If you have not seen the Skyfall007 movie, I suggest you log into your Amazon Prime and check out Skyfall 007 today. Catch up on your affinity for James Bond movies and get ready for Spectre!

With mothers day nearby, I have already started to scope items for fathers day!  I picked out some things I thought that were ideal and perfect for the 007 enthusiast.

Scope out what you have missed all of the theses Movie Mondays!  Check out the James Bond 007 series television show with  a free trial from Amazon Prime!

Spectre will be out in movies November 6, 2015! Ahhhhh!  Be excited!

Check out my last post about James Bond!

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13 Reasons Why You Secretly Love James Bond 007

*This post is awesomly sponsored by Amazon Prime!

James Bond had been around longer than its writers and has racked in a lot of money.  But my question is why?  I get a sense of nostalgia in those books and a you get a little taste of what luxury was in the 50s.  Reading a James Bond novel takes you back into a world of the clever witted James Bond.  His name is dull and bland, but his thinking is not.  With SkyFall 007 just being released into the Amazon Prime Movie list, I am excited about this spy movie and the Spectre, which is to be released in September 2015!  If you do not have Amazon Prime, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial  Here are some reasons why you may secretly love James Bond 007:

1. His most famous car is the silver grey Aston Martin DB5, first seen in Goldfinger.

2. The twenty-third film produced by Eon, SkyFall 007, was released on 26 October 2012. The series made over $6 billion, the third-highest-grossing film group.

3. There are eight novels by Ian Flemmings about James Bond dating back to 1953. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

4. There are 16 more novels written by John Gardner about James Bond.

5. Then are six more stories written by Raymond Benson about James Bond.

6. In October 2014, it was announced that Anthony Horowitz was to write a further Bond book to which will is to be released in September 2015.

7.There are a series of 5 short story novels titled Young Bond by Charlie Higson.

8. Ian Fleming was paid $1,000, by CBS to adapt his novel Casino Royale.

9. A TV cartoon series, James Bond Jr., was produced in 1991.

10. BBC has adapted five of the Fleming novels for broadcast.

11. The first comic strip, Casino Royale was published from 7 July 1958 to 13 December 1958. The comic strip is written by Anthony Hern and illustrated by John McLusky.

12. The "James Bond Theme" was written by Monty Norman and was first orchestrated by the John Barry Orchestra for 1962's Dr. No. Join Amazon Prime - Listen to Over a Million Songs - Start Free Trial Now

13. The first Bond video game, released in 1983. The first Bond video game was created by Parker Brothers for the Atari, Commodore, and the ColecoVision.

Receive cool updates on movies, events, art shows, art and freebies below!

So go ahead get some of your best work done with the lovely ambiance of the symphony, jazz and or drums.  Let me know how it goes.  What is your favorite wordless music that can get you through a creative block or tuff day?

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Free Worldwide Shipping

Support an independent artist and a small business! Free worldwide shipping is going on now! Now through 4/26 at midnight you can receive free shipping on all items from www.Society6.com/CosmicMedium !

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Join Us at the Fashion Affair: We Can-Cer Vive!

We Can-Cer Vive is a fashion affair where cancer survivors and persons directly affected by cancer will candidly and openly share health experiences, information related to care, and network with others while strutting the cat walk in DC premier clothing boutiques fashions. The purpose of this event is to increase cancer awareness.  If you know of a cancer survivor, they are welcome to be model and participant.  Just email me at cosmicmedium@gmail.com

This event will be on May 16, 2015 from 3 to 6pm at 3505 16th Street North West Washington, D.C.. event will feature art work from my shop as well as fashions from  C. Cosmetics, Hush Boutique, It Factor Boutique, The Collection by SmW, Soles 4 Divas, and Walishe Gooshe!  Come out and be in the good news, we are all survivors! Get tickets to the fashion event and purchase advertisements for this event! Check Back, I will be recapping this event new photos and information!

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Recap of the Takoma Main Street Art Hop 2015

The Takoma Art Hop turned the Takoma Main Street into arts District! Many people came out to support me another local artist in one place. The art Takoma Art Hop was created to celebrate diversity within the arts in the town of Takoma, Maryland. This event was on the 25-26 of April and The Sanctuaries provided an impressive performance Live on the 26th at 6pm at the Gazebo on 7035 Carroll Avenue. During this event, I was able to display my new art from society6.com/cosmicmedium and invite artists to create artwork with the Sanctuaries during our upcoming events. Those who came to bought art and excellent jewelry at the Takoma Art Hop on Sunday, April 26th.

During the Takoma Art Hop the sanctuaries hosted an interactive art installment that the community could contribute to the artwork. Our performance team came out to support us and performed some of their songs!  While selling artwork, I was able to meet many people out in Takoma who expressed a need for the art community, so they signed up to find out more information.  Oh, there were lots of artist out that day!  I was too busy to visit everything but was able to walk around and check out the wonderful Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op that we were located at. They had a lovely collection of goods and groceries!

At the Art Hop on Sunday, visitors snag some ultra snazzy Aubeeds by Aubrey, jewelry by Jennifer, Ladie Steele Accessories by Jazz, Jewelry by Alana and some brand new art from my shop on society6!

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50 Foods to Nourish Creativity

Being creative is a combination of talent, craft and health.  As an creative, without one, you can't function with the other.  Good healthy habits enhance the skills you acquire over time and increase your longevity of life.   Artist these days are living longer, and people, in general, are living longer in general.  So, you must make sure you cognitive health is aligned with your skill in the craft during the golden years.  Prepare for life by sewing seeds of healthy eating habits and then reaping the benifits!  Consume and enjoy foods that enhance your way of life and thinking.

I have happened to collect and create a list of 50 Foods To Improve and Nourish Your Creativity and Stimulate Brain Function!  Improving creativity involves skill building activities as well as a healthy diet.  If you can not gain access to most of these foods, there are still a plenty basic items in this list that may still have in your fridge.  Some basic items that are on this list are eggs, water, citrus fruits, chicken and greens.  

This list is good news if you are vegan because the majority of the things in this list are vegan-friendly!  If you're vegan you can still survive will this list with the exception of chicken and fish.   Some of the yummy recipes I plant to test out with these ingredients include a Simple Southwest Salad and a yummy Tomato Braised with Sweet Potato Recipe.  Check out my list of free crafty guides on cooking  and much more!

Note: I am not a healthcare professional, therefore, please consult you personal health physician to make sure the list of items is safe for your diet. I am not responsible for allergies that may be triggered by the ingredients of this list below.

The full list below:
  1. Water 
  2. Eggs 
  3. Brocoli 
  4. Cauli 
  5. Oatmeal 
  6. Whole Grain Foods 
  7. Whole grain bread 
  8. Oats 
  9. Quinoa 
  10. Brown rice 
  11. Millet 
  12. Amaranth 
  13. Brown Rice 
  14. Amaranth 
  15. Salmon 
  16. Chicken 
  17. Ginsing 
  18. Trout 
  19. Sardines 
  20. Dark Chocolate 
  21. Kale 
  22. Spelt 
  23. Barley 
  24. Hemp seeds 
  25. Chia seeds 
  26. Flax seeds 
  27. Maca 
  28. Ginseng 
  29. Bee pollen 
  30. Green tea 
  31. Blueberries 
  32. Blackberries 
  33. Strawberries 
  34. Walnuts 
  35. Avocados 
  36. Olive oil 
  37. Coconut oil 
  38. Citrus fruits 
  39. Chard 
  40. Mustard greens 
  41. Broccoli 
  42. Beets 
  43. Yams 
  44. Squash 
  45. Wheatgrass 
  46. Spirulina 
  47. Cinnamon 
  48. Peanut Oil
  49. Mackerel 
  50. Herring

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Chrisette Michele's Pose N' Print Symposium in Washington D.C.

I am excited that I am going to attend the Pose and Print Event in Washington DC on Thursday! Bloggers Like Me members informed me of this cool event, where I often learn about fun new events that will help to improve my blogging.  This event will be my first blog related-non-artist event of the year! I have gotten ready by ordering my new ShutterFly cards and notebook to jot down ideas!

The Pose and Print Event is an event created by Chrisette Michele where women can come together, discuss and listen to great influencers success stories.  This event is also made to help bloggers network with other bloggers, influencers and brands in their communities.

At this event blogger like Brosia Malbrough, The creator of TheManeChoice, and Lover4_Fashion will be there. Other Youtubers, IG-ers, a cocktail hour of free drinks, snacks, live intimate performance by Chrisette Michele, and a panel discussion each attendee will walk away with new inspiration and empowerment!

Currently, The DC event is sold out but they will be in Virginia and a list of other places!  Check back because I will be recording my experience and will update this post to share my experience! If you are interested in this event, learn more about it at Rich Hipster! 

So here is the update...

The event was impressive! I got there, and the venue was beautifully decorated with white lilies, white hydrangea and pink roses!  While I waited, I had a yummy piece of gold rush yellow cake and some strawberry these cake favors!  I took a small sip of the tasty champagne they had by Voga.

During the symposium I enjoyed a question and answer session with Brosia Malbrough, The creator of TheManeChoice, and Lover4_Fashion, and Chrisette Michele! I enjoyed Chrisette's beautiful melodic singing and a live guitar artist.  During the entire event, there was even a live painting.

Also, I had a chance to meet ashvaughn, Machee the creator of RoyalPrints,  Karen of karenmarguerite, Shannon of ManicuristDiaries, Bobby from BobbyPen and Skye from Skye Charlie!  I learned some important things as it is important to keep doing what you love even if you have one fan!  That one devoted fan is the best fan of all!  Also, Chrisette made it a point for everyone to make new friends twice within about 10 minutes! (Oh, and we crated our own hash tag #kree8tivegirlsrock ) I was surprised and glad that I was able to meet so many creative women there! The Pose n' Print Symposium is an uplifting and helpful event for all business women and bloggers!

In the words of Brosia Malbrough, "Always do what you love!" :-)

-Laura B.
Do what you love!

A photo posted by chrisettemichele (@chrisettemichele) on
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Amazon Art Gallery

Amazon is stealing the spotlight today! According to the Salon.com Amazon, will be launching a fine arts gallery?!? My question is what made them come to such a decision? Amazon brings us spectators their version of an art gallery? This I have got to see. The only thing I dislike is that this gallery of original art will be on ONLY a select few artist (wow that eliminates a lot of opportunities). There are so many artists missing by doing this...sigh. It would be logical to work directly with the artist, but the galleries are probably providing them with a great deal of directions for this ones.

The XBox can be owned by many, but few will choose it due to the list price on Amazon. On Amazon, the release date is set for December 31, 2013 but to those who are seeing mirages already, this unbearable. There are more important things in life going on like the new google plus app that allows you to organize and store photos and check it ... It has 15 GB of memory FReEEeee! I am so tired of deleting and transferring but when I need to record something on the fly the memory comes in handy!

Let Amazon join in on the fun ... again because now Amazon is allowing single sign-on service for participating apps and games... Similar to facebook single sign on! Amazon has stolen the spotlight today!


5 Ways to Celebrate Your Love for Tetris!

The first of April marks the anniversary of the release of a classic cosmic game called Tetris, originally released in  1984. Tetris is a classic game of the 80's that I so dearly cherish! This game had to be blogged because it meets the criteria for being "Cosmic"! 

What I did not know about the game Tetris was that it was originally designed and programmed by Alexy Pajitnov in the Soviet Union while he was working for a leading research institute in Russia. It is a sad thing that he created such an awesome game and did not receive any royalties from his creation because the rights were owned by his employer the Soviet Union government. On the bright side, Alexy did receive royalties through his business, The Tetris Company, which started 1996. With the Tetris Company, Alexy was able to create games forSuper NES's Yoshi's Cookie.

Will you be celebrating the release of such a classic game?  I will go play Tetris for inspiration and hopes that I think of something as cosmic as Tetris!

Here are five ways to celebrate  your love for Tetris!

1.  Watch a man beat Tetris in 8 Minutes
2. Check out how an artist projected Tetris on a sky scrapper
3. Check out Tetris inspired trash bins
4. Admire Tetris inspired sculptures
5.  Play Tertis by visiting http://tetris.com or play the FREE online game at  http://www.freetetris.org for free games!

Until then connect with me on social media!
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Fun Friday Favorites!

Fun Fashion Event: Cancer Awareness and Fashion Event

The We Can-cer Vive event is live, and you must get your tickets! This is an event to look forward to and also a great event to participate in if you are looking to display your business and fashion! Join us on May 16, 2015 from 3-6 pm at 3505 16th Street N.W. Washington D.C., 20021. This event is a a fashion affair where cancer survivors and persons directly affected by cancer will candidly and openly share health experiences, information related to care, and network with others while strutting the catwalk in DC premier clothing boutiques fashions.  RSVP on Facebook and get your tickets on Eventbrite!

Pop-Up Gallery and Soul Slam 

So, last Saturday I was in the Pop-up gallery at the Potters House organized by The Sanctuaries and it was awesome.   What a great turn out!  I love going to an array event but what I loved most about this event was that it included multiple art forms from a diverse group of the artist! I mean, there were poets, writers, artist, puppeteers, singers and musicians!  This event was full of creativity and art!    If this is a month or annual event, I predict a bigger venue will be needed because the Soul Slam will popular by demand!

A Little Self-Promotion: MyArt in Society6.com

For those who missed out on the popular prints featured on Society6 at the Soul Slam, you can still grab a copy in the shop!  Offered there are prints, framed prints, bags, t-shirts, and much more! Get yours and flaunt it during the weekend and send me a photo! Seeing people enjoying my creation inspires me even more to create!  Check out my last post about my society6 art!

Book Writing Wishes: Free Book Publishing

I am still in love with Blurb and am STILL working on my book due to external interference. Had some issues with technology but I am back to business!  I know I can smile knowing that with Blurb I can self-publish, receive a free ISBN and 20% off my books. Hurry to Blurb and Get 20% off orders  ith the code APRILLIGHTS.

Freebie Fun: Free and unlimited photo storage!

There is good news for photographers! Receive trustworthy unlimited storage of photos for free with Amazon's Cloud Drive and your Amazon Prime membership!  Yes, I said FREE! Just go to Amazon and verify that you would like to keep your unlimited space to store photos and an extra five gigs to store documents!  If you're not an Amazon Prime member, then you can still benefit from the unlimited storage for just 5$ a month. The only drawback is that there is a limit on file size for mobile devices, 2GB. 

Fashion Event: Dress Fitting Event with ModCloth and Dress Sale!

Modcloth is holding their first fit shop in LA on April 9th from 4pm-9pm, April 3rd from 4pm-10pm and April 4th from 10 am to 6pm!  That means that if you're in the area you can try dazzling dresses!  Space is limited, so register now to guarantee your spot! Get your tickets here!  It is springtime so now is the time to bring out those flower-ry dresses. If you're not in the LA area, then you can still benefit by getting 15% off all dresses when you spend 100$ at Mod Cloth. Sale ends next week!

Memorable Thank You Cards I Wish I Had!

After my big day, I had millions of thank you cards to write and buy. You're in luck if you are swamped with thank you cards to write. With Wedding Paper Diva thank you cards, you will be leaving a lasting impression because now there is a Sitewide Sale! Get 20% of no minimum, 25% off $149 at WeddingPaperDivas Hurry Sale Ends April 7!

Until then connect with me on social media! 

Mixed Media Artist Brianna McCarthy

I found out about her on Instagram actually...I adore the portraits created by Brianna McCarthy. The artwork she creates is often colorful and expensive in nature with a hint of Caribbean culture.

The expressions on of the subjects are of a mosaic, matching the designs she creates along with the silhouettes of her subjects. It amazes me as to how she could take the appearance of a woman and transform it into something exotic and recognizable at the same time.

Brianna McCarthy identifies herself as a "mixed media artist who lives and works in Trinidad and Tobago."

Her work represents "the intricacies and dynamics of representing Afro-Caribbean women who are portrayed as being strong, long-suffering, exoticised and picturesque beings against a backdrop of poverty, hardship, abuse and scorn. McCarthy’s constructions and representations revolt against and subvert the stereotypical trends of representing the black body."

She starts her artwork by taking "pencil to paper, ink to vellum and knife to cloth, to mend the parts of her experience, to fill in it’s gaps with beauty, questions, and expressions of the social and relational."

So find more of McCarthy's work check her out at Pop’Africana Magazine
(www.popafricana.com) on a future issue, her feature in ARC Magazine (www.arcmagazine.com) and at http://briannamccarthy.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html.

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What It Meant and What You Missed

"Melanin Mary" by L.Laura B. can be purchase atwww.society6.com/cosmicmedium

Last week I have been debating on moving my blog to tumblr but I had to weigh my priorities.  To make a long story short, it is just easier for me to stay put on Google's Blogger. Just in case you missed it during my tumblr trial here it is.

"The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness," -Marcus Garvey

"Melanin Mary" represents a woman who avoids  the touchy subject of her skin color but learns the meaning of melanin.  I was inspired to draw this because I had always wondered why people of color are people of color.  I instinctively think that there is a logical reason people look and act the way they do. I wanted to talk about my skin color but like "Melanin Mary" avoid the subject because there are so many things I (like her) do not understand socially and biologically.  
We may not know why people of color are people of color, but we can at least learn about melanin.  As most words in the English language, melanin comes from a Greek word.  In this case, melanin comes from melas, meaning black or dark.  Here are a few facts about melanin cells that I find important:

1. Melanin can be found in the skin, hair and eyes. 
2. There are many different kinds of melanin, but humans are most abundant in eumelanin.  
3. Higher eumelanin levels run the high risk of  a vitamin D deficiency. 
4.  Freckles and moles are formed where there is a localized concentration of melanin in the skin. 
5. Dark-skinned people, who produce more skin-protecting eumelanin, have a greater protection against sunburn and the development of melanoma.
6. Melanin in the eyes, in the iris and choroid, helps protect them from ultraviolet and high-frequency visible light.

I am not quite prepared to break down the social effects, effects, meaning and the history of melanin in North America.  Maybe over time you will see hints of my observations of melanin in my art and maybe I will discuss it here and there.

"Sugarless" by L.Laura B. can be purchase atwww.society6.com/cosmicmedium

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

I chose to draw a girl enjoying sugarless gum to signify the deceitfulness in the educational system.  ”Sugarless” was inspired by the local school systems and society.  In “Sugarless” the girl represents society and the “sugarless” gum being the public education system. Gum can be easily identified as sugarless but often without disclosing that there are other sweeteners that are harmful to our health just like sugar.  

A newsman highlighted the improved average test scores of students in the local public school system, but I found that information deceitful. Society needs to recognize the lack or respect given to teachers of great value, knowledge and expertise.  Credit needs to be given to teachers because they often sacrifice time and money to help the education of a child.
If you were ever a teacher you know, that would always be that one child who just needs extra encouragement and support.  The best teachers will go into their own pockets to pay for  supplies and devote extra time for the education of students.  The teachers who are willing to and who have made a sacrificed are the ones we need in our educational system making decisions and the ones who should be getting paid more. 

Education is a foundation for American society but if we fail to nourish children with proper education we are ultimately failing ourselves.  

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.  www.society6.com/cosmicmedium

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